Graham Southern composes music in a number of genres for various media, including video games, films, trailers, and commercials.  His compositions have been featured in respected award concerts and convey a wide range of emotions and sonorities.  Having also studied psychology as an undergraduate, he has a profound understanding of human motivation and emotion, which, combined with his knowledge of music theory and composition, gives him an acute sensibility for storytelling through music.  One of the most inspirational quotes he has read on music was by Jerry Goldsmith, who said "Don't score the gallop -- score the fear of the rider."  In that same sense, Graham aims to go above and beyond the obvious, and looks to what he can do to further inform the story and subtext by getting in the mind of the character(s).  Also, having experience as a writer who has written under different genres including satire and standup comedy, he has an appreciation for the merit that is put into storytelling, be it a film, video game, tv series, or documentary.

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